Sprucing up the College Library

An eerie silence descended on the College Library after the end of exams. It felt very strange after weeks of having a packed library during exam term! However Sophie and I only had to rattle around the building for ourselves for a few days. The painters moved in on Monday and the Right Cloister is now a hive of activity, with the sounds of Billy Joel and Cyndi Lauper blasting out from their radio.

Painting in Right Cloister, photograph by Annie Gleeson

Painting in Right Cloister, photograph by Annie Gleeson

The walls and woodwork throughout the College Library will be getting a fresh coat of paint, and then in a few weeks some new carpets will be fitted in Left Cloister and upstairs in Right Cloister. We will be working throughout to minimise disruption to students working in the library. The work is being done in sections so there should always be a quiet and clear space for you to work in.

This should smarten the Library up a lot, and I am looking forward to seeing the end result.

Annie Gleeson, Deputy Librarian (College Library)

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