Our growing DVD collection

New additions to our collection

Some of the new additions to our collection

The College Library’s audiovisual collection is small, but growing! We have added lots of films and box sets recently, including the titles in the picture above. As well as DVDs, we have a number of audio CDs and CD-ROMs. These are all shelved in the library office, so please ask a member of staff if you find a DVD or CD on the catalogue that you wish to borrow. Items from the audiovisual collection can be borrowed for one week, and renewed just like books. Whether you’re studying anatomy, Shakespeare, thermodynamics, or Italian, we’re bound to have something for you!

As always, please let us know if there are any titles you would like to see added to the collection. Recommendations for books, DVDs and CDs can all be emailed to library@magd.cam.ac.uk, or leave a comment below.

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