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We recently changed one of the College Library noticeboards into a ‘feedback wall‘ for a week. The idea was that anyone could leave messages and suggestions at any time of the day or night, and could do so anonymously, if they wished.

This worked really well, and we ended up changing the paper a couple of times during the week as the board was filled with great suggestions.

Feedback wall 13th May 2015

Magdalene College Library feedback wall

Based on your suggestions we have:

  • Talked to Housekeeping about getting blinds for the windows overlooking Second Court – we hope to get these installed over the summer
  • Made the staff sink and kettle available to students during staffed hours (8.45am-1pm, 2-5pm Monday-Friday). Pop in and have a cup of tea with us in the office! The bottled water only rule still applies when working in the library due to the risk of spills around books and electrical equipment.
  • Identified some more chairs in need of repair and set them aside for Maintenance to take a look at. If you spot a wobbly chair, do let us know and we’ll get it fixed!
Magdalene College Library feedback wall

Magdalene College Library feedback wall

We are still looking into:

  • Making the library a more comfortable place to work – I’m glad to see that the new cushions have made a difference, but we know they have not fully resolved the problem.
  • Lighting – your feedback on this has been really helpful, and we’ll buy some new lamps over the summer (Iron Man may or may not feature).

Unfortunately there are some things we just can’t solve in our present building (ceiling height, limited desk space, soundproof space for group working) but we are continuing to work with the architects on plans for a new library building and we will feed all of your comments into this process.

If you missed the feedback wall or have more suggestions you’d like to share with us, you can pop in to see us in the office, drop us an email, or leave a comment here or on Facebook or Twitter. We plan to repeat the feedback wall exercise every now and then as well!

This wall is great

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