The Ferrars: a conference at Magdalene College


FerrarThe Ferrars of Little Gidding: A Conference at Magdalene College Cambridge
See call for papers below

Date: Monday 5th September to Wednesday 7th September 2016

Venue: Magdalene College, Cambridge, UK.


Conference Director: Dr M E J Hughes
See here for further details Ferrar conference (further details)

MAGDALENE COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE is fortunate to have among the holdings of its historic Old Library the papers and prints of the Ferrar family of Little Gidding. These came to the College in the late eighteenth century, through the generosity of Martha Ferrar, who was married to the liberal theologian Dr Peter Peckard, Master of Magdalene. Important witnesses to the histories of transatlantic trade, of seventeenth-century Anglicanism, and of the development of metaphysical poetry, the records of the Ferrar family provide a wealth of evidence for historians, literary scholars and theologians.

THIS CONFERENCE WILL LOOK at the influence of the family from their…

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