Take a break and recharge

IMAG2397When you are studying for long periods of time (such as revising for an exam or writing up a thesis) it is important to take regular short breaks to reduce stress and to keep your concentration levels at their optimum level. Research has shown that brief and rare mental “breaks” keep you focused., and the NHS recommend that students take a short break every 45-60 minutes.

In the Middle Room of Left Cloister you will find a ‘recharging station’ with adult colouring sheets, puzzles, and advice from the Student Counselling Service on common issues such as procrastination, anxiety, and concentration. (These leaflets are also available online.) Alternatively, take advantage of our beautiful surroundings and take a quick walk around the Fellows’ Garden to get a lungful of fresh air.

If there is anything that the library team can help with, our door is always open! Your tutors, the College Nurse, the Chaplain, as well as the JCR and MCR welfare officers, are also on hand to support your wellbeing throughout the year.


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