Library team: ASSEMBLE!

Library team assemble comic books style image of Pepys building

Our new library assistant, Ellie, started on Monday which means we now have a fully assembled library team! We are here to support you in finding the resources you need in our College library and beyond. So whether you need help finding a book on the shelves, using iDiscover, having trouble with an online journal or anything else really,  please do come and ask in the office or drop us an  e-mail at:

The library will usually be staffed Monday to Friday, 9am-1pm and 2pm-5pm.

The library team is completed with our Deputy Librarian in charge of our historical Libraries (Pepys and Old library) Catherine Sutherland and our two Fellow librarians: Dr Jane Hughes (Pepys Librarian) and Professor Tim Harper (College Librarian).

We have some other additions & changes in the library as well. Previous student feedback has highlighted uncomfortable chairs as a real problem, and having gone round this Summer doing a stress test on them (ok, sounds grand but it involved me sitting on them and wiggling around), we have replaced six chairs with new height adjustable ‘office’ style chairs. We hope this makes using the library a more comfortable experience.

We have also remodelled the issue desk a bit to help create some space for you to put your books down when the library ‘hatch’ is open, i.e. when the staff are in. The book recommendation forms, missing book forms and library postcard guide are now attached to the wall.


Now we are hitting the business end of term, I want to remind you all that it is very important that all books are checked out using the self-issue laptop, even if you are in a hurry! I’ve had several people asking about books that should have been on the shelves but which aren’t there. Not-issuing the books using the laptop causes your fellow students to waste their time looking for books that aren’t there. It also makes it harder for us to demonstrate library usage which impacts on how much resource we have for future purchases. If the laptop isn’t working, or you’ve forgotten your password, just leave me a note with the barcode (inside cover) and/or shelf number (i.e. 11.A.215) via the manual borrowing forms or on any piece of paper or via e-mail!



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