Ho Ho Ho! End of Term news!

Well, we’re nearly there, the end of Michaelmas term. The end of term book recall is coming and to make that process a bit more pleasing to the eye and to help spread a bit of winter cheer in the last week we’ve done a bit of decorating.

Library entrance with Christmas Tree and new library posters

End of Term recall

End of term book recall, all loans must be returned by Wednesday 30th November

All items currently on loan cannot be renewed past Wednesday 30 November and must be returned to the library dropbox by the end of that day. You can keep them right up to that point, but not beyond! The self-issue machine will be switched off at 4:45pm.

Failure to return any items by end of 30th November will result in an additional £2 fine per item and your record may be blocked to stop further borrowing.

Why do we do this? One reason is that it gives everyone a chance to borrow any of the books over the winter vacation, particularly if they have been renewed multiple times over the term. The second reason is that it helps us keep track of the books to ensure none have gone missing or are damaged.

Vacation Loans

Vacation Borrowin, books can be borrowed for the duration of teh vacation from 11am thursday 1st december

The next day, Thursday 1 December at 11am, items can be borrowed again and anything borrowed from that point will not need to be returned or renewed until Saturday 21st January. So once you’ve got those books they are yours all vacation!

If you’ve yet to use the library or are still unsure how to find a book or borrow then check out the library basics post: Library Basics




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