New Books: February 2017

Spring is springing, the snowdrops are out…and here at Magdalene College Library, we have more fantastic new books to tell you about!

Following on from our previous post, in which we had a special focus on new acquisitions for the English and Classics sections of the College Library, this time we turn our attention to other areas (though for all the classicists and literature students out there, please don’t stop reading, as we have new books for you too –see our acquisitions spreadsheet linked below for details).

First then, Philosophy and Theology, where alongside titles such as Aquinas on Human Self-Knowledge by Therese Scarpelli Cory, and The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English, we have Helen Hattab’s Descartes on Forms and Mechanisms and Tim Crane’s fascinating work, The Mechanical Mind: a philosophical introduction to minds, machines, and mental representation.


New philosophy books

Top picks for history include a fresh re-assessment of international relations during the Cold War era by John Lewis Gaddis in We Now Know: rethinking Cold War History, alongside Simon Adams’s Leicester and the Court: essays on Elizabethan politics, a detailed examination of the legacy of the enigmatic Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, and of the dynamics of the Elizabethan Court.

Moving on to the sciences, we have new titles on quantum mechanics, electrodynamics, genomics, and organometallic chemistry. For Psychology students, we have Richard Bentall’s Madness explained: psychosis and human nature and Philosophy of Psychology: a contemporary introduction by J.L. Bermudez to pique your interest. Meanwhile, for the vets among you, we have books on domestic animal behaviour and welfare; immunology; and fracture repair for you to enjoy.

With additions to Archaeology, Economics, Geography, Law and Medicine as well, there is sure to be something for everyone!

Finally, because we know that university life can often be stressful, and because it is important that we take the time to care for ourselves, you will now find several new books on mental health and wellbeing in our self-help corner (situated in the middle room of left cloister). These books cover a range of subjects, from overcoming depression and anxiety, to mindfulness, perfectionism, and relaxation techniques.


New titles on self-help and mental wellbeing

For the complete list of titles added over the past month, see: new-books_03febto22feb17-2017

A printed version of this document will also be available at the front entrance to the Library, outside the Library Office. For more information, or to find out more about how you can make a book request, please see a member of the College Library team, or send us an email at

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