Easter Term Update!

Start of Easter term updates

Welcome back to the College Library, we hope you had a good break. Please excuse the long update but we want to update you on the Easter term policies in the library as well as some of the changes we’ve been making and book ordering we’ve been doing over Easter vacation.

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The key message from the library survey is that those that use the library really appreciate the friendly but studious atmosphere and the quiet in the library. Easter term is a very busy time in the Library and we ask that you please continue to take into account your fellow students when studying here. In particular please take note of the clear desk policy that is in place throughout this term. This policy helps to ensure that the limited study spaces we have are available to as many of you as possible.

The Library survey produced some great feedback about how the library is doing, how we can improve and what you would like in the new library building. Thank you all SO much for filling it in. We hope to have a fuller summary of the results of the survey available to you later in term.

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Book return/renewal dates

Term Time (7 day loan) borrowing starts again on Tuesday 25th April. Vacation Loans can also be renewed from this point onwards.

Vacation loans are due back on Saturday 29th April, however they can be renewed from Tuesday 25th April if still required.

Books can be renewed at the self-issue laptop or via Heritage using you barcode and PIN number.

Clear Desk Policy


As we are approaching the busiest time of year in the College Library, we will be operating a clear desk policy for Easter term. If you are leaving the library for more than a very short break, please take your belongings with you and leave the desk clear for another student to use it.

Starting on Tuesday 25th April, staff will be regularly circulating the library and will place pink timed slips on any desks with unattended papers and belongings. Any desks that are unoccupied for an extended period of time will be cleared, and the contents will be moved to a suitable location (usually in that room/floor).

pink slip

Please do use the yellow reservation slips to reserve books you are working on in the College Library – up to 4 books may be left on a desk for 24 hours, so long as they are in a neat pile with a completed reservation slip.

yellow slip

Please also try not to take up more than one space and be willing to move items to help accommodate fellow students on shared desks.

New Library resources

Earplugs – we have a supply of earplugs that we will make available as long as our stocks last.

Tissues – we also have tissues by the stationary/lamp shelf as well (opposite the stairs)

A4 Whiteboards & dry wipe pens – We now have six A4 size whiteboards and a stock of dry wipe pens to help you study, whether that be for; calculations, brainstorming or simply doodling to clear your mind.  These are for use in the library only; please do not take them away.

Book chairs – We have two new portrait standing book chairs, these are for use in the library only please do not take them away.

Laptop stand – We have also purchased an adjustable laptop stand. This can be used to raise the height and angle of your laptop. This item must be signed out from the library staff and returned to the library office after use. Again, this is for use in the library only; please do not take it out of the library.

Welfare section

Welfare section

We have created a new Welfare Collection, which contains books on welfare, self-help and mental health support. The Collection is currently quite small but we will be adding to it throughout term.

The books in the Welfare Collection are located in Left Cloister and may be borrowed confidentially and anonymously. The system works on trust so that you may borrow any of the books from the Welfare Collection that have a classmark beginning with the letter ‘W’ without putting them on your library account (however you can still do so if you wish).

You may borrow the books for as long as you need them.

Moved sections

As part of a project to create more shelf space, we have moved several sections within the College Library, so certain items may no longer be in the same place as before! Notable changes are as follows:

  • Sections 9A (Law – Historical) and 9B (Criminology) have moved from the Parnell Room in Right Cloister to the Middle Room in Left Cloister, by the entrance to the Wigglesworth Room. Unlike other Law books subject to an overnight loan period, most of the books in these sections can be borrowed for the standard loan period of one week.
  • Section 13A (Agriculture) can be found in the Brooke Gallery, Bay 1.
  • Section 13B (Land Economy) can now be found in the Parnell Room (Right Cloister, to the right as you enter) , next to Section 7B (Earth Sciences).
  • Sections 10-12 have moved to fill the space created by Section 13 in Right Cloister, so if you use these sections regularly, you may need to look at the next shelf along or around the corner from the original location in order to find what you are looking for.


New Books

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We have continued to purchase books from reading lists and recommendations as we do all year round but we have also ordered many of your suggestions from the Library Survey. Please see the attached lists of new books. Theology and Linguistics have particularly significant additions.

New books_10Marto05Apr2017

Survey Recommendations

No FOOD & Covered drinks only

No food please

Over the last two terms we have had very little cause for concern about eating in the library, or bringing uncovered drinks, which has helped keep the library clean and create a great atmosphere for study. It is tempting to bring food and mugs of hot drinks into the library during Easter term but please be aware that as well as being against the library rules it is also discourteous to your fellow students, the library staff and cleaners.


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