End of term Notices – Michaelmas 2017


End of term sneaks up on us once more, so here are the end-of-term notices for the College Library.

Book Recall: ALL items are due back in the College Library by the end the day on Wednesday 29th November.  At 5pm that day the self-issue machine will be shut down and all books will need to be returned directly to the drop-box.

If you do not return your items by the deadline additional fines of £2 per book will be issued and further borrowing will be blocked until the books are returned.

If there are extenuating circumstances which might stop you from being able to return your book then please contact your Director of Study and ask them to let me know in advance of the deadline.


Vacation Loans: From 11am on Thursday 30th November you can take books out on Vacation Loan. These books will not be due back until Saturday 20th January.


Goodbye Heritage?

If all goes well we will have smoothly moved over to a new Library Management System by the start of term. This does not impact on Vacation Loans and you will be able to borrow from the library throughout the vacation via the usual system. We expect that by the 15th January we will have moved your accounts and loans over to the new system. However, we will continue to send out updates via e-mail when significant changes do take place.


What does it mean?

When we switch over to the new system ‘Alma’:

  1. You will only need to use iDiscover to search for our books and the availability will be displayed there
  2. iDiscover is expected to work a lot better
  3. You will get single courtesy notices/e-mails about your loans which will cover all the libraries you have borrowed from
  4. You will be able to view your Magdalene loans alongside all your other loans on iDiscover and renew and reserve our books there
  5. New Self-issue machine
  6. Updated Borrowing rules (The updated borrowing rules have been approved by the libraries committee and details will be circulated at the start of next term)


Magdalene’s LGBT+ History: Antony Grey

We currently have a poster display and new books set up in the library entrance for the rest of the week on the subject of one of our former members, Antony Grey. The display  can also be found on our Library blog: https://wordpress.com/view/magdlibs.com

New Books:

We’ve been adding a lot of books over Michaelmas, particularly in Law and Natural Sciences, so if you were looking for something at the start of term and we didn’t have it please do recheck the catalogue, or the attached list. We are expecting to catalogue a few more books before the end of term so I will send out an updated list next week as well.

Click here for pdf of: New Books 12 October TO 20 November 2017

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