End of Term Notices – Easter 2018


We are nearly at the end of Easter term, and to those of you who are still doing exams or writing assignments/thesis (and still reading e-mails) Keep Going!

Here are the end of term notices.

End of term recall

All books on loan from the College Library must be returned to the drop box by the end of Wednesday 13th June (no renewals). You may find that items borrowed/renewed from today have a later due date but these should also be returned.

If you still have exams on that Wednesday, or beyond, let me know and I will extend your loans accordingly, please do contact me if you have concerns about this process.



Vacation Loans

All standard loan items can then be taken out for Long Vacation Loan (on loan until Saturday 6th October) from 11am Thursday 14th June.

Overnight Loans books in the Wigglesworth Law Library remain as overnight loans, and should not be taken over the Long Vacation.


Graduating students and continuers

If you are finishing your course before October your ability to borrow will end on 13th June. Please ensure that you return all items before leaving Cambridge. Any outstanding items will be added to your College bill as a replacement cost.

If you are hoping to begin Part III or a postgraduate course at Magdalene, please contact the library when your place is confirmed to re-activate your borrowing for the vacation.

If you are a current postgraduate student with a hand in date over the summer vacation please contact the library if you wish to extend your account to the end of your course



Library Fines

If you have accrued any Library fines over the term then these will all be added to this term’s college bill. You can check your outstanding fines by logging into your account on iDiscover. If you fail to return or renew an overdue book you may be charged the replacement cost.

Missing books

If you find you have books from the library that are not on loan for any reason, please return them so that they can be borrowed properly. We waste money every year replacing missing books that could be spent on improving the collection.

Tea and Biscuits

The last tea and biscuits under the cloisters will be tomorrow 7th June at 3pm! It’s been great to see you all enjoying the break and we hope it helped (also it’s been sunny every time, how did we do that?!)

Opening times

The Library will remain open 24 hours a day throughout the vacation period.

There will be busy/noisy periods in the library during the vacation period when staff are undertaking the stock check or moving books, but any significant disruption or closure during the long vacation will be notified via posters and e-mail.

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