Michaelmas Term 2018 – Notices

Welcome to the Library to all our new starters this term, and welcome back to everyone else! This is a brief blog post to get you up to speed with changes in the College Library this term.

New Starters


Induction tours for Undergraduate Freshers start on Tuesday 2nd October and continue throughout Freshers’ week. Tours take about 30 minutes and are arranged by subject group, your tour time will be listed in the induction timetable included in your Freshers’ pack (this will also be e-mailed out to you). We look forward to meeting you and showing you around.

If you have any questions about the Library or finding resources in general, either before or after the tour (it is a busy week!), then please ask the Library staff (Tom and Ellie) or check the website: College Library website

Borrowing Rules

Term time borrowing rules begin again from Monday 1st October.

Standard loan period is 7 days, renewable for 28 days.

‘Overnight loan’ period (applies to some Law books) is 1 day, renewable for 3 days.

Vacation loans are due back  Saturday 6th October. These can be returned at the self-issue machine and re-borrowed if you still need them.

Information about fines for late books can be found on the website: College Library Borrowing Detailed

New Library Study Space – Ramsay Hall!


From Monday 1st October Ramsay Hall will be available as Library study/reading space.  It will be open 8am to 7pm every day.

The Ramsay Hall study room will have 25 study spaces as well as a comfortable reading area with sofas and bean bags.

All usual Library rules and etiquette apply to this new study space. Please note that it is not locked during the day so please do not leave valuables unattended. Please also note that it will be locked at 7pm, so anything you leave in there will not be accessible after this time.

Books from the main library (including reference books and journals) can be taken over to Ramsay Hall.  However, they must still be borrowed via the Self-Service machine if taken from either location.

Building Works


Photo by Mabel Amber on Pexels.com

Building works on the New Library begin this term, the location of which is very close to Left Cloister. We want to emphasise that all rooms in the main Library are open 24 hours as usual. However, we are anticipating that during the working day there will be noise disruption to Left Cloister from the New Library building works. Ramsay Hall will provide replacement quiet study space during these hours. We have also moved one of the computers from Middle room to the Benson Reference room and located a new Mac in the Brooke gallery to help avoid noise disruption to those who wish to use the networked computers. We do not expect the noise to affect the Brooke Gallery or Right Cloister.

Now with added warmth…


*cat not included with  blankets      Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We have bought some blankets for use in Ramsay and the Library. The heating is usually fine in both spaces, but if you do feel the cold please help yourself to a blanket. The Pepys building blankets are located under the Catalogue computer, opposite the Self-Issue machine (under the blinky light box).

Please don’t take these from the Library, we won’t be able to replace any that go missing.

Now with added Macs!


Photo by Bruno Scramgnon on Pexels.com

We have also installed two Mac computers in the Brooke Gallery. One replaces a PC next to the printer, the second is a new computer and is located in the corner desk at the other end of the Gallery.


European History & Medieval History Section

One of our projects over the Summer Vacation was to continue to improve our classification scheme. As part of this we have reclassified the European History Section (8.H) and amalgamated two medieval history sections (8.E & G) into it. A guide to the new classification scheme for this section can be found in the section and here: 8H New Class poster version

Library Rules

Library rules trimmed 6

College libraries are a special and unique resource as they are just for you and your fellow Magdalene students, fellows and staff. It is a welcoming and safe place for you to study and the rules we have in place reflect the desire to keep it as such. Essentially the rules are about respecting your fellow students, the building in which you are working and the College staff that support you. Please familiarise yourself with the rules and guide to studying in the Library: Library rules and guidance.


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