Book Recall & Vacation Loans

We are fast approaching the end of term (already!). Thank you for all your feedback this year, via the feedback walls, in person or via the JCR/MCR reps. We’ve very much appreciated it and hopefully it has helped us resolve issues for you quickly.  Here are the key end of term library things to look out for:

Book recall – Wednesday 28th November

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All loans are due back by the end of the day Wednesday 28th November.

Vacation Loans – 11am Thursday 29th November


Borrowing begins again at 11am on Thursday 29th November on a first come, first served basis. All normal loans (i.e. not reference or Overnight Loans) from this point onward are vacation loans. Vacation loans cannot be recalled, do not need to be renewed and are due back on Saturday 19th January 2019.

Overnight Loans remain as Overnight Loans throughout the vacation period.


Ramsay Hall Study Room

The Ramsay Hall study room will remain open until 19th December when it will be closed until the start of Lent term. We will review the extended opening hours trial at the start of Lent term.


Main College Library

The main College Library space in the Pepys building will remain open 24hrs throughout the vacation period, although please bear in mind staff are likely to be taking leave during this period. If there are problems during the vacation period and no library staff are available please contact the Porters Lodge.

There may be some additional noise disruption outside Right cloister (between Librarians office and the Gardener’s Cottage) during December due to work on the water drainage system for the New Library. We do not expect this to be too disruptive but we will of course monitor the situation.

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