Old Library: New Resource

As we have previously reported on the blog, staff are currently cataloguing our Old Library books to appear on the University of Cambridge’s main online catalogue, ‘idiscover’.  While this work is ongoing (classmarks CAM and M-R have been completed) we are pleased to announce we now have in place a searchable shelf list of the Old Library’s oldest books, (classmarks A-L), available via this link:

Magdalene College Old Library Shelf List

The shelf list also includes provenance information.  To search the shelf list, click ‘ctrl + F’ and enter your search term.  Please be mindful of variance in transcription of hand-press era books (such as ‘Claudii or ‘Claudij’, ‘Sive’ or ‘Siue’). For this reason, you may prefer to search by author.

Catherine Sutherland

Deputy Librarian, Pepys Library and Special Collections

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