End of Term Notices – Easter 2020


Vacation Loans

Vacation Loans begin on Tuesday 10th March (this coming Tuesday). From that point onward books cannot be requested/recalled if they are on loan.


If you need to recall/request a book then you will need to do so by the end of Monday. If your book is recalled then it will be due back in the library within three days or it will accrue a £1 a day fine. https://www.magd.cam.ac.uk/college-life/library/borrowing


Current Loans

Please check your library account and your room/desk/bag to see if you have books out on loan from the College Library that you do not currently need. With auto-renewals it is easy to forget that you have a book on loan and it is important to bring them back to the Library if you don’t need them. Reasons to return them:


  1. Someone else might need them but be too polite to request/recall(!)
  2. Makes it less likely book will get lost/damaged/used to prop open door.
  3. A visit to the library to drop of books may well result in a serendipitous find that could revolutionise your coursework/life.


An e-mail will be sentround to everyone that has a book on their record that has been on loan since last term, just as a reminder.


Please also check to make sure you have not accidently taken a book without borrowing via the system. I’ve had a few understandably annoyed students come to me this term who’ve wasted time looking for books that have been taken without borrowing.  It takes no time to borrow the book properly and with auto-renewals you don’t even need to worry about logging on and renewing it!


Library opening over Easter

The Library and Ramsay Hall remain open to students throughout Easter vacation.


Recreational Reading

If you are clearing out your room before vacation and come across any fiction books you’d like to donate to the Recreational Reading section then these can be dropped off in the box on the window seat in the Porters lodge.

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