Games to borrow in the New Library!

The New Library introduces another new section to the collection: BG: Board Games and Card Games, found next to the General Reading and Audio-Visual sections on the ground floor. Nine games of various sorts are now available to borrow, either at the self-service machines or at the reception desk. While they’re not to be played in the library, you can take them to the Social Space for a study break (remember to borrow first), or even take a few away for a games night—just be careful not to lose any pieces!

If you have lots of players, try the party game Codenames, or if strategy games are more your thing, have a go at Carcassonne. Scrabble-lovers and crossword fans will enjoy Bananagrams, and we also have the classic dominoes and chess, too, along with other newer games. Take a look at some of the games in the collection below; you can look-up and request these on iDiscover: click here for a full list of games held at the College Library on iDiscover.

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