Easter Term Notices

{hotograph of the New Library from the river

We’re looking forward to the first “proper” Easter term in the New Library! We now have all our study spaces available for use, which means we have 130 study spaces for you to use, 24/7: Individual spaces, group desks and comfy chairs! The Social Space is also available of course (with an extra treat on Thursdays, see below!).

Start of term notices are a bit longer than normal as it has been a long time since we have had a ‘proper’ Easter term.

Staff changes

From Thursday 28th April there will be a new face at the front desk, our new Library Assistant Ellie Capeling. Ellie has lots of experience working in Cambridge having previously worked at the Faculty of Asian And Middle Easter Studies and St Johns College.

The current Deputy Librarian, Tom Sykes (me!), will be leaving Magdalene on Friday 29th April to join the Divinity Faculty as Library Manager.

We hope you understand that some enquiries may take longer than normal to answer with reduced staffing over Easter, but Ellie will be available on the front desk to provide support if you do need help, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Ellie will be supported by the College Librarian (Fellow), Dr Marcus Waithe, and Deputy Pepys Librarian, Catherine Sutherland, until a new College Deputy Librarian is appointed. If you have any enquiries or problems they can always be emailed to us at library@magdalene.cam.ac.uk

Term-Time Borrowing

From Tuesday 26th April Term-time borrowing rules apply and you will be able to ‘request’ books via iDiscover that are currently on loan to another user: https://www.magd.cam.ac.uk/college-life/library/searching (What if the book is on loan, can I request it?)

If you have a book that is recalled you will need to bring it in by the updated due date (which will be emailed to you) or you will incur a fine.

End of term recall

All books on loan from the College Library will be recalled at the end of this term on 14th June. Vacation borrowing will open the following day (15th June) from 11pm. This allows us to ensure books that have been on loan for a long time remain in circulation and gives everyone a chance to borrow them. Non-returned books at this point will incur a fine or a replacement charge.

Keeping desks available in Easter term

We ask that you do not ‘reserve’ desks by leaving personal items, laptops or papers on them overnight or if you are not going to be in the library for an extended period (i.e. ok over lunch, or a tea break but not for hours). This is to ensure there are enough study spaces and variety of choice available for everyone who needs them. If you do leave personal belonging unattended they will be moved by library staff to one side or taken to the Ground Floor, by lost property. 

If you bring your own monitor, you can leave these overnight in the unlocked cupboard in the 2nd Floor Copier room. Any item left there is at your own risk of course.

While the College and New Library are relatively secure we always advise you to take laptops, phones or over expensive electrical items with you when you leave the library.

Non-Magdalene students

The New Library is strictly for the use of current Magdalene students and Fellows only. Please do not invite in, or let in, non-Magdalene students, even if you are working on a project together. This is particularly important when the Library is busy during Easter term. This is a standard policy across all College Libraries.

Please also be aware when entering the building of people following you in, if you have any concerns that someone has followed you in speak to Library staff or the Porters.

Please have your University ID card with you for inspection in case it is requested.

There are plenty of Faculty Library spaces to work in and other collaborative spaces, if in doubt try SpaceFinder to find somewhere to work together: https://spacefinder.lib.cam.ac.uk/ . If you are not sure if you can use a Faculty Library then contact them! https://www.libraries.cam.ac.uk/libraries-directory/libraries-a-z

Bookable study space trial – 3 spaces

We have had feedback from the JCR that having bookable study spaces last year was beneficial to some students, particularly those with anxiety, ADHD or other hidden disabilities. As such we are going to have a limited trial this term of three bookable, individual desks. These will be available via the MagdNet booking form and are marked up with a notice on the desk and a QR code to help booking. If you wish to use this desk but have not booked, and it has been booked by someone else, please be prepared to move if asked. The locations are:

  • 1st Floor by section 1.C and 14 (near the fire stairs) with a wall donor plate reading ‘Mr Lincoln Leong, 1979’.
  • 1st Floor by section 6.A (Linguistics), with a donor plate reading ‘Mr Julian Cazalet, 1966’.
  • 2nd Floor by section near the toilets and noticeboard, with a wall donor plate reading ‘Mr Donald McKenzie, 1972 & Mrs Louise McKenzie’.
Photography of New Library desk with bookable QR code notice.

Thursday afternoon Tea and biscuits – from Thursday 5th May

The traditional Thursday afternoon Library tea and biscuits is back this Easter term, in a new location: the Social Space! 3pm on Thursdays (from week two, 5th May) you’ll have an excuse to take a break and refresh with  tea, coffee and biscuits in the Social Space, we’ll open up the patio doors so you can take your tea on the lawn! Fancy!

Survey Prize Draw

Thank you all again so much for filling the New Library, we had the most responses we’ve ever had for a survey, so it is much appreciated. A quick look through the results show some really positive comments about the New Library and the collection along with some great critical feedback on areas where we can improve and develop the service.

The winners of the £20 Heffers voucher and unique, uber-merch item, the Magdalene travel mug have been drawn randomly by the Deputy Pepys Librarian, Catherine Sutherland. The Winner of the £20 is a 3rd year NatSci. The winnder of the travel mug is Nathan, studying English in his 1st year.

Photograph of Deputy Librarian Pepys and Old Library Catherine Sutherland drawing prizes from hat

I’ll finish off with this quote from the Survey:

Incredible place to work!!  Can’t quite put into words how lucky we all are to have access to space like the New Library. I think it embodies all the best bits of Magdalene’s community and warm atmosphere. 

And of course

The hot water tap in the Social space was also a huge game changer

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