Pepys Library Update

Although the Pepys Library is closed for the Easter Vacation, we are currently involved with other events happening this weekend and beyond.

At the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, an enlarged reproduction of one of Pepys’ print collection is currently on display in the Treasured Possessions exhibition, described as ‘A dazzling journey through the decorative arts: from the hand-crafted luxuries of the Renaissance to the first stirrings of mass commerce in the Enlightenment’.

The 17th century print features street sellers of Rome trading a variety of goods.  It is a featured item on the exhibition’s website, where one is able to zoom into individual parts of the print.

Another print in the collection, Sutton Nichols’ depiction of Sir Christopher Wren’s south façade of Hampton Court Palace, is to be featured as part of Hampton Court Palace’s 500 year anniversary celebrations.  If you are attending the event this weekend, you may wish to ‘look away now’ to keep our involvement a surprise!

The Party : 500 years of Hampton Court Palace

An image of the Sutton Nichols print will be projected onto the palace as part of a ‘Son et Lumière’ light display.  We look forward to seeing a film of the display on the Historic Royal Palaces’ website.

In addition to these events, the library staff have been busy making preparations for a significant Pepys-related event happening later in the year, which we will be announcing on the blog in due course.  If you wish to be notified by email of new blog posts, please click the ‘follow’ button in the bottom-right corner of this page.

Catherine Sutherland

Deputy Librarian, Pepys Library and Special Collections

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