Study space for Easter term

Easter term is the busiest time of year in the College Library, and pressure on desk space is high. To ease the pressure we will be installing some additional, temporary desks in the Middle Room of Left Cloister, and we will also be operating a clear desk policy.

If you are leaving the library for more than a very short break, please take your belongings with you and leave the desk clear for another student to use it.

Starting on Monday 13th April, staff will be regularly circulating the library and will place pink timed slips on any desks with unattended papers and belongings. Any desks that are unoccupied for an extended period of time will be cleared, and the contents will be moved to the shelf outside the Library Office in Right Cloister.

You may still use the yellow reservation slips to reserve books you are working on in the College Library – up to 4 books may be left on a desk for 24 hours, so long as they are in a neat pile with a completed reservation slip as shown below.

Up to 4 books may be left for 24 hours with a reservation slip

Up to 4 books may be left for 24 hours with a reservation slip

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