New book on the Libraries of Magdalene

From the Magdalene Lit Fest blog: New book on the Libraries of Magdalene:

“Scala Press have just published “The Pepys Library and the Historic Collections of Magdalene College Cambridge”.

The book is lavishly ilustrated with nearly 100 specially commissioned images, and it contains a new account by M E J Hughes (Fellow in English and Pepys Librarian) of how the splendid and varied Magdalene holdings came about — from the fabulous library left by Pepys in 1703  to the slowly evolving and idiosyncratic Old Library, and the evocative Archives.

Visitors in person to the Pepys Library/College Office (normal office hours) can pick up  a copy at the special introductory price of £12.95.  Or it can be purchased in bookshops/on line (RRP £14.95).

Extract from the Preface by Dr Rowan Williams (Master of Magdalene): Our libraries continue to speak of these essential dimensions of a healthy and well-resourced culture – creative science, the labours of exploring and enriching our human language, the struggle towards political maturity. Magdalene will continue to treasure all these – and we hope that those who join us in valuing our libraries will share our commitment to the vision they exemplify.

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