Changes to the Law Library

Observant law students will have noticed blue stickers appearing on the books in the Wigglesworth Law Library since Christmas.

OvernightFor several years we have been running an overnight loan trial in the Wigglesworth, which had historically been a reference collection. Having consulted law students and Fellows, we have now ended the trial and made overnight borrowing official.

If you would like to borrow a book from the Wigglesworth Law Library, please use the self-issue laptop in Right Cloister (next to the staff office). Books will be due back the next calendar day.

The Heritage catalogue will now show when a book is on loan, making it easy to see at a glance whether a book is currently on the shelf. Overnight loans will appear alongside ordinary loan books in your account when you are logged in to Heritage, and  you will receive email reminders when it is time to return a book. Overnight books cannot be renewed or reserved, and the usual fine of 25p per day applies.

If anyone would like a refresher in how to use the self-issue system, Sophie and I are always happy to help with this. There are also instructions on the wall next to the self-issue laptop.

We hope this new arrangement will be useful. Please send any feedback to

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