Love the Library (or not?)

Last month we put up another feedback wall in the College Library. This time the wall had a Valentine’s theme, asking what you love about the library, and what makes you want to ‘break up’ with the library.

We received lots of great feedback over the course of a week, including suggestions for improvements to our book stock, furniture and lighting. The positives included praise for the library staff, book recommendation system, 24 hour opening and quiet atmosphere.

Over the last few weeks we have made several improvements to the College Library environment based on your feedback, in the following areas:


The Archaeology and Land Economy sections were particularly highlighted as areas for improvement, and we have ordered a number of new titles in these subjects, as well as weeding out some obsolete older titles. We buy books throughout the year, but it is really helpful to hear student feedback about what is needed.


We now have an extra four desk lamps with ‘daylight’ bulbs. If you prefer to work in this type of light, look out for the large black angle-poise lamps, and the smaller goose-neck lamp pictured above (which also has an adjustable brightness level).

Book stands

We have bought several more wooden book stands for use in the library. If you spot them anywhere else in College (ours are all clearly marked) please could you bring them back to us as they do tend to go wandering!


Four more height-adjustable chairs arrived this week, which will hopefully make it a bit more comfortable to work in the library. With a new library building in the works, it is not possible to get completely new furniture for the current building, but your feedback will be hugely helpful when planning the furnishings for the new building.

As always it is great to hear what you think about our College Library, so if you missed the feedback wall or have more suggestions you’d like to share with us, you can pop in to see us in the office, drop us an email, or leave a comment here or on Facebook or Twitter.

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