Easter Term Notices

Welcome back everyone. Easter is always a busy term so please take a moment to read the notices below to help you get the most out of the library.

To start off with congratulations to our Library Survey prize winners: Anna Prescott for winning the Heffers gift voucher and Tia Chen for winning the ‘I heart Magdalene Library’ travel mug!

Thank you all for taking part, I’m busy going through your responses and will provide some feedback later this term.


Returning vacation loans

Books currently on Vacation loan will need to be returned or renewed by Saturday 27th April.

If you find you cannot renew online it is most likely because you have reached your renewal limit (28 days), in this case you can return the book on the Self-Service machine in the library and then immediately re-borrow (which resets the renewal period).


Term-time borrowing

Term-time borrowing starts on Tuesday 23rd April (anything borrowed from this point will be the usual 7 day or overnight loan period)



Clear desks policy

Clear Desk Policy

In order to help ensure as many people as possible can find a study space we ask you not to reserve desks by leaving work or personal belongings there when you are taking anything more than a short break from the library. This applies to both the main Library and the Ramsay Hall study room.

Library staff will try to check during the day and we will place reminder slips on desks that we are concerned about, and will clear your belongings (laptops and all) if you’ve been gone for an extended period. We will move items to obvious spaces within the room (window sill/spare shelf) but may have to move to a different room. Please ask if you cannot find your items.

Please be willing to listen to others and do not take up more than one study space, please move your work if it has spread onto another study space (particularly on the tables of four).

We’ve added a few extra study spaces in Left Cloister.


Ramsay Hall – 24 hours

Ramsay Hall is open 24hrs throughout Easter term. Please remember that this room is not locked, so please do not leave valuables in there unattended. Please also be mindful of lone working late at night, in this circumstance you may find the main Library (in the Pepys building) is more secure, it is card access for current Magdalene members only and is also 24 hours.


Take a break! – tea and biscuits in the Pepys cloisters– every Thursday at 3pm, from 2nd May

Tea and biscuits

It’s important to take regular, short study breaks & to stay hydrated during intensive study periods. In that spirit the Library will be providing tea/coffee/juice and biscuits/fruit every Thursday in the Pepys cloisters through Easter term from 2nd May.

Come and join us for a break and drink.

Don’t forget that there are plenty of tips and hints about navigating exams and Easter term in the library’s welfare section (Middle room, left cloister) and in right cloister outside the library office. https://www.magd.cam.ac.uk/college-life/library/welfare-section

Looking After Yourself in Easter Term


Study Support: Earplugs, book stands, whiteboards etc

We have various supplies in left and right cloister to help you get through Easter term in the Library, including:



Book stands (we’ve added four more this term!)

Laptop stands


A4 Whiteboards

Staplers, hole punches etc

Do not remove the whiteboards, stands, lamps etc from the library; they are for the benefit of everyone.


Library rules

You should all be familiar with the library rules and etiquette by now, if not we have notices up in the library to remind you how you can keep it the best study space in College, they can also be found on the website: https://www.magd.cam.ac.uk/college-life/library/studying

Key highlights for Easter term:

  • The Library is a quiet study space throughout, take all conversations outside, keep noise to a minimum and be thoughtful of those working around you.
  • Food must not be brought into the Library. Non-alcoholic drinks are permitted provided that they are contained in sealed bottles or lidded cups.
  • Please switch all mobile phones and other devices to silent mode in the Library and go outside if you need to take or make a call.
  • Do not let non-Magdalene members into the College Library.
  • Do not remove books rests and other study aids (staplers etc) from the Library.

Library rules trimmed 6


The Feedback walls are up and running so do add comments if you have them, in particular let us know what is working and if there are any issues. Please do also come and ask us in person if you need any help or support.

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