New books, Recreational Reading and Recommendations!

New Books Summer 2020

A photograph of some of the new books purchased Summer 2019.

We have been busy over the long vacation scouring the reading lists and responding to your recommendations. The image above is of a small selection. We’ve purchsed across nearly all subject so far (with plenty of work still to be done!). In particular, we have focused on the usual updates of Law editions and new Law titles, new editions and additional copies of the core Natural Sciences texts and new titles for Theology and the Anthropology of Religion. The full list of new books is available in the Library above the dropbox, but is also available to download: New books 20190613 to 20191015.


We now also have a Graphic Novels section containing some award winning titles. After some considerable debate amongst the Library Staff (is it literature? is it art? it’s both!) we decided to create a new subsection for them in History of Art (15.D), and as such is located on the Ground Floor in Right Cloister. We’ve purchsed some award winning titles along with some supporting critical texts.

Photograph of Graphic Novel Section

Recreational Reading – Located in Ramsay Hall

Photo of the Recreational Reading Section

Reading for pleasure is something that is very easy to forget when you are studying or attempting to hit a deadline. However, research has shown that there are educational, social and general wellbeing benefits in remembering  to read simply for enjoyment (or even beginning, it’s never too late to start).

As such we have created a Recreational Reading section in Ramsay Hall.

These books are available for students, staff and fellows to borrow. They work on an honesty system, and so are not borrowed via the self-service machine or your library account. We simply ask that when you finish with the book you bring it back!

We now have over 70 titles which are listed here: Recreational books handlist (NEW)

At the end of Easter term we asked students, staff and fellows if they could donate any light reading to build this section, and we were not disappointed. Thank you to everyone who has donated books,  and if you do have good quality light reading that you no longer need at home then please do consider donating it to us. We are still light on science fiction and fantasy, and no Harry Potter yet 🙁

Anything we can’t keep, or that are duplicates, we will donate in turn to charity shops.

Recommend a Book

Please do recommend books for purchase via our online recommendation form or the book recommendation slips stored next to the Self-Service borrowing computer. We can’t always identify exactly what will be needed from all reading lists so your input into what would improve the collection and what you will need is very important. While we can’t promise to purchase every recommendation, we do order the vast majority, particularly if they are related to 1st or 2nd year undergraduate courses. We can often get books in very quickly (sometimes same day) and will let you know as soon as possible if and when can get the item.

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