“Advice to a Young Student” – Middle Room

Photograph of Display cases in Middle Room, Left Cloister.

If you’ve been over to Middle Room in Left Cloister this term you will have already seen the new additions to the College Library, the display cases!

These display cases are on loan to the College this year and we are pleased to have the opportunity to display some of our archival and Old Library material within the College Library for the first time.

Michaelmas term seemed a good time to reflect on a few aspects of general College College Life; advice, rooms, clubs and of course discipline (no yoghurt in the Library!).

One item that is particularly relevant to Middle Room, given that our Welfare and Welbeing Section and our Study Skills section also reside there, is our printed copy of Daniel Waterland’s ‘Advice to Young Students’ (circa 1713). The advice included an exhortation  not to study late into the night, I suspect he might have disapproved of a 24 hour Library!

A photograph of Daniel Waterland's Advice to a Young Student (Old Library G/5/19(4))

“Advice to a Young Student” (Old Library G/5/19(4)). By permission of the Master and Fellows of Magdalene College Cambridge

As the exhibition is within the College Library it is only possible for current Magdalene students, Fellows and staff to have access to view it.



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